To limit unnecessary contact, please call us before visiting and/or call us from inside your vehicle when you arrive at our business.


We will be closing our waiting area and ask that you remain inside your vehicle or wait outside away from the building while we tend to your needs. No one is allowed to stand in the service bays at any time. If you do wait outside, please follow social distancing guidelines of at least 6 feet.


We will not enter your vehicle, and you will be asked to move it as needed.


Please notify us if you, anyone in your vehicle, or anyone who has touched your vehicle recently is or has been recently sick, whether or not they have tested for anything. We would like to take extra precautions to do our part in limiting the spread. If you are sick or should be following quarantine guidelines, please stay home.


We ask that you please be patient with us if we do not immediately respond or greet you when you call or arrive. We may be busy with another patron or call and will be moving slower as we take extra health and safety precautions. As always, we will work as fast as we can to get you in and out as soon as possible.


There may be unexpected delays on inventory arrival. Our distributors are dedicated to staying open to help us serve you and will send their trucks as fast as they can!


We know that our community is experiencing a lot of job loss and future uncertainty, and tires and tire repairs can be an expensive and unexpected burden on a regular day, but even more so now. We do not want to see anyone operating on dangerous tires while trying to wait it out. Please do not ignore the condition of your tires or allow a leak to go unrepaired. Minor issues can very quickly turn into major, costly, unsafe issues. To help alleviate that burden, we would like to remind you that we accept AutoPass/CFNA Cards. For more details or to apply for instant approval, please click the button below or go to our financing page. If approved, your account may be used immediately towards the repair, maintenance, or replacement of tires.

Thank you for being patient with us during this time and continuing to support our business! You are essential to us, and we are happy to be open for you!


Please stay safe, wash your hands and follow all recommended health and safety, quarantine and social distancing guidelines to do your part to limit the spread!

Phone: 316-806-3495

Monday – Friday: 9 to 6

Saturday: 9 to 3

Sunday: Appointment Only